Human Resources Seminar

Health Care  |  Mandatory Paid Leave   |   Marijuana Legalization
Independent Contractors/Employee Classification   |   Key Issues for 2016

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BlueCross BlueShield of Vermont  |  Ellis Boxer & Blake  |  Gravel & Shea

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With mandatory paid leave legislation passed by the Legislature, marijuana legalzation passed by the Senate and now in the House, and legislation to reform statutes governing employee classification and independent contractors actively under development in the House, now is the time for employers and especially human resource managers and the professional and legal sevice providers who work with them to become better informed about the range of issues and considerations employers will face as these proposals are debated and, in some cases, enacted into law.

On January 20, Associated Industries of Vermont hosted a special seminar focusing on these key human resource issues pending in the Vermont state legislature and otherwise facing Vermont employers in 2016.  The seminar covered issues impacting private and public sector employers and the professionals who serve them, and featured presentations, commentary, and audience Q&A with expert government and private sector presenters.

In the weeks since the seminar was held, the information and discussion that day have only become more timely and valuable.  That is why we are making available online the seminar poceedings in a series of videos spanning the various panels and issues, as well as related materials and updates.

For those who sign up using the form below, you will receive links to view the seminar videos at your convenience, to materials and updates, as well as to future updates as they become available.  Registration for online access is $20 for AIV member organizations and $30 for non-member organizations.


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Agenda  and Video Segments

Part I (24:30):  Health Care

Update on Recent Developments; Key Milestones, Decisions, and Issues Pending for Employers; What to Watch in 2016

Susan Gretkowski, Senior Government Affairs Strategist, MVP Health Care
Cory Gustafson, Director, Government and Public Relations, BlueCross BlueShield of VT

Part II (1:02:00):  Mandatory Paid Leave

Review of Experiences in CT, CA, and MA – Lessons for Vermont; Review of Proposals Pending in Vermont Legislature; Issues and Considerations for Employers

Heather Rider Hammond, Shareholder, Gravel & Shea
Kerin Stackpole, Director, Paul Frank + Collins
Dirk Anderson, General Counsel, Department of Labor

Part III (49:15):  Marijuana Legalization

Review of Experiences in CO, WA, and OR – Any Lessons for Vermont; Review of Proposals Pending in Vermont Legislature; Issues and Considerations for Employers; Review of Medical Marijuana Issues

David Harlow, Of Counsel, Downs Rachlin Martin
Kerin Stackpole, Director, Paul Frank + Collins

Julio Thompson, Director, Civil Rights Unit, Office of the Vermont Attorney General

Part IV (59:20):  Independent Contractors/Employee Classification

Review of Key Legal and Regulatory Developments at the State and Federal Levels – Implications for Vermont Employers; Lessons from States That Have Amended Classification Rules; Review of Proposals Pending in Vermont Legislature

Stephen Ellis, Director, Ellis Boxer & Blake, and Chair, Labor & Employment Law Section, Vermont Bar Association
Beth Rattigan, Chair, Labor and Employment Group, Downs Rachlin Martin
Steve Monahan, Director, Workers’ Compensation and Safety Division, Department of Labor

Part V (38:30):  Luncheon Address

Department of Labor Priorities and Q&A

Annie Noonan, Commissioner, Department of Labor

Wrap Up:

Additional Issues to Watch; Final Q&A